IT Service Management with ITIL 3.0
PIM KiafaCtil December 17. 2017
Contents • Self-Assessment Si Major ITIL Processes – Service Desk, Change Management. Configuration Management, Service Level Management • Overview of OIL 3.0 version 2007 • Services Suppod – Service Desk. Incident Management Problem Management. Change Management. Configuration Management, Release Management • Services Delivery – Service Level Management Capacity Management. Availability Management. Financial Management. Service Continuity Management
Duration 2 months Den Sunday Ilmines 10:00 am to 04,00 pm Last Date for submission of form and lee December 15.2017 Commencement at Classes December 17,2017
Certified MS Excel Professional Program
PIM Karachi December 17, 2017
Contents • Essential Worksheet Formulas • Dashboard Reporting • What-il Analysis 8 Business Intelligence (131) • Willing Functions 8 Macros using (VBA) • Financial Modeling with Excel • Advanced Data Analysis With Pivot Tables • Working web External Data
•1.511000 Day
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9 months Sunday 15:00 am to 01,00 tars
submission of tom and fee 15,2017 Commencement of Classes December 17, 2017
Diploma in Human Resource Management
PIM Karachi’. •151105/ 04. 2015
Contents • Apply the Theories and Concepts of FIRM in they Organizations. • Demonstrate Skills and Knowledge In the Areas of HR Functions such as Strategic Human Resources Planning, Job Analysis and Design, Compensation and Benefits, Recruitment and Selection, Learning and Development and Employee Motivation. • Consider and Implement Ethical and Moral Practices as a Human Resources Professional • Link Personal Learning and Development with the Achievement on-angers° HRM Changes in the Organization.
Duration 1 months Days Tuesday 8 Thursday Timings mos ern to MOO no Last Pate 151 submission of form end fee January 02, 2018 Commencement of classes January On, 2018
Business English Program PIM Karachi January 02 2018
Contents To enable participants to • Communicate confidently and effectively In English according to their individual needs. situations. purpose and roles • Grasp the essentials of English grammar and usage • Vocabulary building skills • Write effective memos. letters and reports • Prepare and deliver effective presentations Greater emphasis would be on spoken English
hearse. 2 months Dare Tuesday 8 Thursday Timings 06:00 pre to 00:00 pm Last Date for submission of form and. January 02, 2014 Commencement of Classes January 06, 2018